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Airline Financial Data

All Apex users have full access to our comprehensive database of airline financial data. This module enables quick and easy analysis of trends over time or comparison between airlines.

The core of Apex audited airline data

Apex is built on real data from aircraft manufacturers, airports and airlines. We collect and archive the financial reports of more than 200 airlines, delivering access to a valuable online library of the original historic documents.

The core data (top line metrics such as RASK, CASK, load factors, etc.) from each financial report is presented in a summary format, enabling easy comparisons and dynamic charts to be produced. Benchmarking airline performance becomes simple, and trends over time can be easily visualised.

Airline Financial Data - Annual Reports Summary
Quick access to summary breakdown of reported and derived airline annual report data, available for export
Airline Financial Data Comparison
Understand performance of multiple airlines side-by-side in one easy interface, with graphs ready for use in your reports