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Airline Fare Analysis

The new Apex Fares Analysis module gives access to an extensive historic database of real airline fares stretching back as far as January 2013. With a simple query-builder interface, it enables quick analysis of top-level trends as well as detailed route-by-route performance.

Over 90% of Europe's low-cost airlines

We sample prices from 93% of European low-cost airlines by capacity and use the data to generate a detailed monthly route-by-route view of the average fares achieved across complete networks. This approach has enabled us to build an online dataset containing more than five million individual data points.

This enables you to understand which routes are performing well (or badly) for low-cost airlines. Data can be segmented by airline, country, or route level.

Airline Fare Analysis - Query Builder
Lightning fast access to multiple airline network data using the query builder, summarised in any way you want
Airline Fare Analysis - Charts
Visualise trends using the powerful charting interface, compare multiple network averages or see the best performing markets

Michael Cawley at ACI World, Istanbul, June 2013:

"When we look at an airport we look at the cost & revenue. Route selection is an art not a science. We cancel 7% each year"