Understand airline performance with our trusted range of data analysis modules

Gain powerful insight into airline performance through our analysis modules and enjoy transparency and flexibility with Reference & Customisation.

Analysis Modules

Analyse airline performance at a macro and micro-level using our comprehensive airline analysis modules
  • Route Performance Analysis >

    Quickly discover the most profitable options for new airline routes by running multiple route profit and loss scenarios side-by-side, then drill into the detail to fine tune the business case

  • Fare Analysis >

    Analyse and compare current and historic low-cost airline fares on single routes or across entire markets in a matter of seconds.

  • Financial Data >

    Current and historic airline annual reports can be analysed, downloaded and compared using the flexible charting interface.

Reference & Customisation

Access to the data that powers Apex ensures transparency, whilst our customisation centre enables you to tailor the system to your personal requirements.
  • Apex Product Data

    View the depth of data behind Apex including airline assumptions, aircraft cost details, fuel burn curves and more.

  • My RDC

    Managed user preferences and system defaults for all RDC products including Apex and .